About Us

Donnie Hester Jacob Hester Base Camp Hunting Stand

Donnie Hester, Father - All Things Engineering
Health Care Services Company, Chief Operating Officer
Former US Marine

Jake Hester,  Son - Director of Operations
University of Southern Indiana, Business Major
Evansville CrossFit, Head Instructor
Certified Level II CrossFit Trainer

When we decided to invent a multi-function stand we never had any idea or intention of it becoming a product to sell in the hunting market. Jake was looking for a product to use for his Business School Senior Year Project. He had to identify a marketable product and develop a business plan for his class project. At that same time period, Don was seeking to come-up with a concept for a multi-function stand that we could use year round for all of the things that hunters do year round in target practice and hunting.

The original intention was to design a stand that we could hang our bows on with the arrow nocked when we were in the "ready mode" in a ground or box blind. None of the products that were available in the market really worked well to create that perfect solution to hang your bow with the arrow nocked in the ready mode. We wanted something that was stable and sturdy and really designed ergonomically to work well, something that did not take up too much space in the blind, was tough, durable, portable. So we set out to design the perfect multi-function stand.

As we evolved through different prototypes of the design phase we began to see how this ‘one’ stand could do multi-function duty and work great for crossbow and gun use in both target and hunting situations. So we kept tweaking and field testing and after 9 prototypes we created Base Camp - One Stand Does It All. And it truly does it all. After sharing it with our hunting friend community the unanimous voice was ‘to manufacture it and roll it out to the hunter world. So here we are.

Base Camp really is a multi-function hunting stand that does what it was designed to do. The physics related to weight distribution and center of balance were designed into the concept and such component produced one very strong and durable product. It is extremely portable and packable and is just darn tough as to use-ability. It really should last a lifetime.

We are blessed to have friends that own steel fabrication and powder coating companies right here in our home town in Southern Indiana. We personally hand assemble each unit after it rolls out of the powder coating dryers and we personally package each Base Camp that is purchased. Our goal was simple: To make an exceptional, useable, product that would last a lifetime. It is our goal that Base Camp exceeds your expectations.

- Jake and Don

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